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Jewel Robinson-Nelson is a compassionate practitioner who was born in Pocatello, Idaho. Her father served in the Marines, so she and her family have spent many years traveling and living in various parts of the United States. After Jewel’s parents divorced, she, her mother, and older brothers moved to Connecticut. During this time, Jewel found her safe place playing soccer. Jewel attended Central Connecticut State University to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. She also played Division One Soccer during her undergraduate career where she was captain three out of her four years. Jewel went on to complete her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and play Semi-Professional Soccer.

Jewel is passionate about giving back to her community, and she leads with a faith-based approach in all of her pursuits. At her core, Jewel believes in the endless possibilities that come with being a beacon of light in someone’s life as they journey through life's situations. Although the storms will come, she believes that everyone can weather these challenges with the right supports in place. Jewel’s life mission is to be a passionate, loyal, empowering , adventurous, bold and fierce woman of God. She values creating and holding non-judgmental safe spaces for others as they reflect and self-discover their true self. Jewel uses her God-given talents, gifts, and personal stories to reach people, and to be a light to everyone she meets.

Outside of clinical work, Jewel enjoys the adventures of traveling, being a foodie, trying new things, coaching sports, leading summer camps and church activities, babysitting and spending time with her son, nephews, cousins and furbabies. Because of these experiences, Jewel views children and adolescents with having their own unique outlook on life that comes with experiencing a range of healthy emotions and feelings. Jewel loves to assist people in gaining insight and awareness to their emotions and triggers. She enjoys teaching ways to effectively communicate, regulate, and cope with these challenges.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Montana and Connecticut, Jewel has worked professionally in a variety of settings in both states. Jewel has served a variety of different populations working in inner cities, rural communities and public, private and boarding schools, Outpatient Community Health centers, Extended Day Treatment Facilities, Residential and In-Home settings, and Mobile Crisis. Within these diverse settings, Jewel has gained 10+ years of experience working with individual ages 4-60, families, as well as couples. The issues she has served include the following: Autism Spectrum Disorder; Trauma; ADHD; ODD; Alcohol and Substance Abuse; Anxiety; Depression; Adjustment Disorders; School issues; Life Transitions; Relationship issues; Parenting, Marital challenges; Families experiencing separation, divorce, and adoption challenges. Jewel enjoys working with clientele from a wide range of demographics and populations and she views these experiences as a blessing from God. These experiences allow Jewel to meet her clients where they are with a culturally sensitive lens. Jewel aims to work collaboratively with stakeholders at the systems-level to build capacity for her clients achievement.

         As a Mental Health Professional, Jewel welcomes working with all systemic layers to find solutions for individuals with behavioral, mental health, work, and academic issues. Jewel utilizes a multi-systems approach to address all of the factors that affect an individual’s ability to be successful and function at their highest potential. Jewel coaches alongside individuals through this process by identifying their existing strengths, addressing the specific areas that need adjustments, and helping the individual to set goals to make positive improvements to their life.  

In essence, Jewel understands that life is full of experiences and situations that evoke different thoughts and feelings that affect our behaviors. It is not about avoiding stressors and being perfect, because life and stressors are inevitable and a part of the human experience. It is more productive to develop self-awareness of self and the strengths that we all possess. Jewel deems it an honor to use each individual’s foundation to build off of these skills as a way to learn how to be in relationship with self and others.

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