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Jewel Robinson-Nelson, a compassionate practitioner born in Pocatello, Idaho, has a rich life journey shaped by her experiences. Raised in a military family, she traversed various parts of the United States before settling in Connecticut following her parents' divorce. Jewel's sanctuary during this time was soccer, a sport she passionately played while pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Psychology at Central Connecticut State University. A Division One Soccer captain, she continued her academic and athletic pursuits, earning a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and engaging in Semi-Professional Soccer.

Driven by a profound commitment to her community and guided by a faith-based approach, Jewel sees herself as a beacon of light for others navigating life's challenges. She believes in weathering storms with the right support, embodying qualities such as passion, loyalty, empowerment, adventure, boldness, and fierceness in her mission as a woman of God. Jewel creates non-judgmental safe spaces for individuals to reflect and discover their true selves, drawing on her God-given talents, gifts, and personal stories.

Beyond her clinical work, Jewel finds joy in diverse adventures, exploring new cuisines, coaching sports, leading camps and church activities, babysitting, and spending quality time with her son, nephews, cousins, and pets. With a special understanding of children and adolescents, she values helping them gain insight into their emotions and triggers while teaching effective communication and coping strategies.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Montana and Connecticut, Jewel brings over 10 years of professional experience across various settings, including inner cities, rural communities, schools, outpatient centers, and crisis intervention. Her expertise covers a range of issues, from Autism Spectrum Disorder and trauma to ADHD, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and family dynamics. Jewel approaches her work with cultural sensitivity, viewing each client's unique demographic and background as a blessing that allows her to meet them where they are.

In her role as a Mental Health Professional, Jewel collaborates with stakeholders at the systems level to build capacity for her clients' success. Using a multi-systems approach, she addresses behavioral, mental health, work, and academic issues. Jewel coaches individuals through a process of identifying strengths, making adjustments, and setting goals for positive life improvements.

In essence, Jewel recognizes that life is full of diverse experiences and situations that evoke different thoughts and feelings, influencing our behaviors. Embracing the inevitability of stressors, she advocates for developing self-awareness and recognizing inherent strengths. Jewel considers it an honor to use each individual's foundation to build essential skills for fostering healthy relationships with oneself and others.

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