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Areas of Expertise

How does the Jewel of Thriving LLC serve? 

~ Peels back the layers to gain an understanding of behaviors and patterns

~Builds social awareness and self-awareness to develop healthy relationships

~ Coach and assist without having the need to label people

~ Teaches how to identify, understand, and embrace your emotions

~ Teaches about boundaries and assists in identifying, creating, and implementing them

~ Utilizes the Therapeutic Relationship to help others share their vulnerable truths and find their inner strength.  

~ Exploring your system, restore trust in self, heal wounded parts to restore balance and harmony in your system

~ Fosters positive behaviors and independence

~ Collaboratively works with those in the system to address the needs at hand

~ Provides crisis training to staff and educational personnel as needed

Services Provided by The Jewel of Thriving LLC:

~ Creates a safe environment to explore and develop self and for others to tell their story

~ Enhances social emotional skills to create healthy relationships

~ Provides Psycho education around behaviors and mental health

~ Establishes safe support systems for yourself, your staff, children and or the family unit

~ Provides guidance, mentoring, social and life skills training

~ Equips adolescents with accountability and responsibility skills


~ IFS level 1


My Approach

Our approach begins by fostering relationships that encourage open and vulnerable conversations. Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining awareness of our strengths and building upon them. As we navigate this process, we learn more about ourselves and develop the skills to engage in healthy relationships with others.

At The Jewel of Thriving, we refrain from pathologizing symptomatic behaviors. Instead, we see them as natural responses—an innate effort to solve problems, cope, stay safe, and survive. This perspective allows us to approach challenges with understanding and work towards holistic solutions.

My Approach
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